“I Choose Love” Online Course


The “I Choose Love” online course by Shawn Gallaway uses his original art and music to take people on a journey of healing and transformation. He uses all the songs and drawings from his book “I Choose Love”, along with a series of videos that work as a  guideline for self-discovery and nurturing the creative artist within. The course also includes meditations, movements and processes that allow the heart to open and invite the inner artist to emerge and blossom. Each one of the songs will be a module of the course and will be a deep dive into the themes they represent.

Some of the benefits of taking this course include

  • Improved physical wellbeing, you are going to feel better in your body.
  • Emotional intelligence, you are going to have access to your emotions and feel your feelings.
  • Mental stability, you are going to be able to observe your thoughts and create thoughts that will serve you instead of hurt you.
  • Spiritual connection, you will develop a deeper connection with your heart, your art, and Love Divine.

This course is a beautiful ride full of rich and meaningful words, music, art, color, movement, processes and experiences that are sure to soothe your soul and awaken the artist within. You do not have to be an artist to take this course. It’s about making your life a work of art!

Shawn Gallaway is a professional singer/songwriter/producer, visual artist, and a workshop facilitator in the healing arts with over 30 years experience.