I Choose Love is a huge source of inspiration to me. His lyrics inspire me!!!!!! His music touches my heart!!!!!! Shawn Gallaway is a troubadour of love. Thank you, Shawn.”

~ Robert Holden, author of Be Happy, Shift Happens, Lovability and Life Loves You.

“Shawn’s message uniquely captures the theme of our age, and gives us a soundtrack to remind us of the choice that we make in each minute of everyday – the choice between love and fear. I love this book, the CD and the DVD!

– Gregg Braden, New York Times best selling author of books including The Isaiah Effect, The God Code, The Divine Matrix, and Deep Truth

“I nominate Shawn Gallaway’s I Choose Love as our new national anthem/first international anthem!”
~ Bruce Mulkey, Author of Peaceful Patriots: Taking a Stand for Peace in an Era of Endless War

“In these difficult times, it’s nice to hear of people spreading a positive message.”

~Irving Azoff, Azoff Music Management

“Truly remarkable music and art that works like a velvet salve to heal the wounds of ancient pain. The power of your words, the feeling from your heart and your clear desire to spread love through the universe is so strong that it ignites life in the darkness of inner and outer space. Thank you from the depths of my soul.”
~Joy Gilfilen, Creator of Flipping the Joy Switch and Founder, UnitingCreatives.com

Shawn Gallaway is a talented, inspired, and empowering artist. His creativity spans the visual senses through the medium of the canvas to an auditory entrainment of acoustical and lyrical wizardry. Shawn has a way to bridge life challenges into authentic portals for transformation. I’m deeply touched and appreciative for the Infinite Love & Gratitude theme song. It has become an epic connection for those in The LifeLine community around the world. Like all of his songs, one that inspires and awakens the heart simply by sitting back and listening.
~ Dr. Darren Weissman, The LifeLine Technique

“ I Choose Love is a celebration of the human spirit and its ancient capacity to rise above violence, hatred and revenge. It reflects the call of our age, the great work of our time and our children’s time. The message in Shawn’s art ans music is a message whose time has arrived. It calls on the best in each of us, inviting us, enticing us, to reach for the highest of intentions and the purest of hearts.”

– Molly Dwyer. Ph.D., Author of Strange Attraction: Towards a New Cosmology of Being