Concerts & Workshops


I am available for concerts in several venues. You can book me for house concerts, small or large theaters, festivals, churches, conferences and arenas. I would also like to do stadiums! To book a concert simply send an email to Shawn.

Concert at Mile Hi Church, Colorado 7.11.16


The Dance of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine

A Powerful Introduction to the Process of Gender Reconciliation, the Healing Between Women and Men and the Feminine and Masculine Within

These workshops are designed to take us beyond the patriarchal system and allows women and men to come together and share in deeper and more respectful ways so we can rise above the real and increasing problems facing our relationship worlds. Not far beneath the surface, there often lies a core belief of misunderstanding and mistrust. It begins with what we were taught as children and is now manifesting in the attitudes and behaviors of our families, our communities, our leaders, and our nations. Shawn with his co facilitator’s foster in new models of cooperation and leadership between and within the genders so that we may thrive in balance within ourselves and within our communities. This workshop was developed to go beyond past patriarchal relationship patterns by honoring the strengths and natural wisdom that the Feminine and Masculine has to offer and then building bridges together that create healing and honors the Divine marriage within. The old relationship myths and projections we attempt to live by are brought out into the open and challenged so that we may move together in a new direction that inspires equality and the sharing of power for the highest good of all. To book a workshop simply send an email to Shawn. 


Paint Your Art Out!!! with Shawn Gallaway…Intuitive Art Sessions…Individuals and Groups 

These sessions are designed to explore the medium of painting by accessing the artist within through meditation and movement. As we activate the emotional body, and come from a place of feeling, we can discover the rich inner worlds that come to life as one express’s the souls light through the use of living color. They’re great for anyone interested in adding depth of feeling to their present work, feeling creatively stifled or blocked, or for those choosing to heal childhood experiences of shame related to the arts. They’re very insightful, great fun and a great way to lighten up and let go! To book an appointment or workshop, simply send an email to Shawn.