“I Choose Love” – A screenplay by Shawn Gallaway and Joanne Mary McKnight


I CHOOSE LOVE, calls to mind The Wizard of Oz. It holds the full potential of a popular film,Broadway musical, national and international touring companies, repeated television viewing,recording contracts and tours, exquisite toy action figures, DVD’s, CD’s and other spin-offs.Further, I  CHOOSE LOVE ends at a new beginning and so all of the above stands to be repeated!Like the Wizard, the journey of a small, diverse group of individuals is captured through a musical film. Each man and woman has very personal reasons for embarking upon the journey. However,they all need to change in order to overcome personal challenges and have a more productive and fulfilling life.

After the travelers are called together, they are transported to a mystical place where the adventure begins. They have unexpected encounters with The Lady of the Lake, the granter of Unconditional Love; The Druid Warrior, the fighter within the self; and the Wizard, the part of the self that “transforms pain into passion, destruction into grace, anger into wisdom and fear into love.”

This is not a journey for the faint at heart. The travelers need all of these powers to face personal demons such as, a childhood in which their caretaker denounced and beat them for being themselves; cancer and other physical afflictions; famine and rape; and perhaps among the most devastating of all, a steady gaze into a mirror, knowing that it is you who is looking back at me who is responsible for neglecting both children and spouse, and consequently for my broken family and the emptiness I face.

This is not a journey for the faint at heart. The characters are required to confront the pure embodiment of evil, the storm, which is the full magnitude of fear, depression, anger and other distorted and self-defacing emotions to which each traveler, and all humanity, have contributed.Together, they will either perish or become victorious over this common foe! The promise that the victory holds, is the saving of the earth from sure and absolute destruction, as well as, gaining the truest, purest form of Personal Dominion. It is enough for the travelers to engage in the most ferocious of battles.

There is something in I CHOOSE LOVE for all viewers. There will be those who will enjoy the film because of the music and dance. Others will become fully engaged in the journey. Some will be inspired to change and become agents of change in our world. These will take up the tools of acceptance, compassion, forgiveness and love and use them firstly to emancipate them selves and then to better the world: one person, one family, one community at a time.  I CHOOSE LOVE is up to each viewer! This is family entertainment at it’s best!The mass popularity of Inception is a graphic illustration of the readiness of people to explore aspects of them self, such as the “architecture of the mind.” Eat, Pray, Love reaffirms that the quest for self-actualization, to find the missing parts of ourselves and our lives, is just as marketable now as it was when the Wizard of Oz was produced as a film and a Broadway

musical. Further, the success of films such as Across the Universe and Moulin Rouge as well as countless others, serve as an ever-present reminder of the power and appeal of the musical film.Throughout the history of cinema, films have been popularly embraced that reflect the climate of the times. During a former period of political unrest and involvement in an unpopular war, movie ssuch as Hair, Godspell and Jesus Christ Super-star found road into the hearts of the American people. Now, here we are again: We’re in an unpopular war, the political climate is at best unstable, and added to this historically redundant scenario, is the impact of a global economy and environmental change. These influences have shaken the very foundation of the American way of life.

I CHOOSE LOVE is a call to action which speaks of the times in which we live. It suggests that the power to most productively change our world does not lie in the hands of elected officials; but rather, it is in the hands of everyday people who choose to love and to demonstrate their love in a way that raises the quality of life for themselves, their families, and their community, and perhaps, if they dare, America or the world. I CHOOSE LOVE is not theirs! It is ours!If you would like to see the Executive Summary for I CHOOSE LOVE please contact Shawn.Thank You!