Books & Videos

Books & Videos

NEW! Shawn’s “I Choose Love” Book and eBook now available!

The book is a compilation of original artwork, stories, song lyrics and concert photos that accompany his I Choose Love CD.

To order your copy please email Shawn at

Unify Theme Song Video

“Let’s Play!” Video Experience

by Shawn Gallaway

So I would like to ask for your support in encouraging people in your circles of influence to participate in the “Let’s Play” video experience. I am inviting Countries, Cities, Towns, Villages, Schools, Businesses, Churches, Organizations, etc….to join in the fun by downloading the song and making their own videos and posting them on You Tube. All you have to do is get organized with your community, find a camera guy or gal, create an event, shoot it, edit it and then post it as “LET’S PLAY” Salt Lake City, New York, Pittsburgh, Tennessee Titans, Colorado Buffalos, Cranbrook Cranes…You get the idea!!!!

Have fun with it and lets spread some joy and lift up your community and the world!!!! Get the song here!